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1.1 What is that little guy next to your logo?

His name is Bert and he's a cashew apple. That's how the delicious cashew nuts are born and they hang on trees. Of course Bert is vegan and he is not to be eaten.


1.2 My cultures package says it should be kept frozen but the package is not cooled. Are they gone bad?

The cultures are fine when they arrive to you, the uncooled transit time is foreseen. A cool pack is only sent on warm weather when the temperature is over 30ºC. A constant temperature shock is not good for the cultures, so as soon as you put in the freezer, do not unfreeze it, and when using, leave it only for a short time outside before putting it back in the freezer.

As soon as you receive your package you can keep the cultures at the refrigerator for up to 3 months or in the freezer for up to 12 months.

1.3 Are there other websites to find aged vegan cheese recipes?

Yes, you can take a look at some other recipes for camembert and blue cheese at:


If you have a blog with advanced vegan cheese recipes and want to be listed here, get in touch using our contact page.


1.4 Do you ship it to a non-EU country?

Not all of our products. The non-perishable can be shipped without a problem, but you need to make an order via e-mail, since our shop is restricted to EU countries.

Sadly our cultures like bacterias and mold spores are too sensitive for long trips. There's also the problem with import and customs, as you might need to prove it's safe for them to enter your country.

If you still have questions or want a special order, contact us via our contact page.


1.5 Can I eat vegan cheese while pregnant or breastfeeding?

The same rules that apply for traditional cheese applies to vegan cheeses. A pregnant woman should avoid eating any mold-ripened products unless stated by a doctor otherwise.


1.6 Why do you call it cheese, when it's not from a mammal?

Cheeses has accompanied us for so long in the human history that it is hard to come up with a different name for something so similar. We know how to use cheese, we have already thousands of recipes and ideas and an expectation of what to do with the diversity of cheese flavours. Being a product with so many similarities, it's hard to make up a completely new name. That's why we call it vegan cheese, we differentiate it from an animal product by making sure we say it's vegan, so we know it will be 100% cruelty free. On top of that, the steps described on our website are strongly based on traditional cheese making, subjecting them to similar chemical reactions during fermentation and even creating similar compounds.

But if you are still bothered by calling it cheese, remember that we have already accepted a very common ingredient to be called milk, the decadent coconut milk, and no one would mistake one for the other.


1.7 Do you sell a ready cheese too?

Not yet, but we are working hard on it! Until then, we thought that instead of letting you wait, we could already share what we know so you can make delicious vegan cheeses yourself.

We also know some great cheese makers around the world and if you want to have a properly made aged vegan cheese, you should shop with them:


Jay & Joy




New roots


Myoko's Kitchen



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